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WRA Basketball

Registration for the 2020/2021 WRA Instructional and Intramural Basketball season is now open!

This season will be unlike anything we have ever experienced previously so please read through this email entirely before signing up. I apologize for such a lengthy email, but it contains a lot of important information.

As you are aware, we are all still affected by the pandemic and will continue to be for the near future. Because of this, we still need to comply with certain restrictions set for by the CDC, State of Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, and the Wissahickon School District, who will graciously rent out their facilities to WRA so we have a place to play. We as an organization follow and will continue to follow and comply with these restrictions because the health and safety of our children and volunteers is our top priority.

We have posted our WRA Basketball Covid Guidelines on our website and I have also attached them to this email for all to review (see link at bottom of this email). We need to continue to be adaptable, flexible, and patient with the scenario until we come through this, and sometimes that means we may not fully get exactly what we want and beggars can’t be choosers….

We are limited by the number of people we are permitted to have in gyms. This number is currently 25 based on Montgomery County guidelines, but could change at any point to a percentage of allowable occupancy allowed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for the facility. This can be a fluid restriction, but that number, whatever it may be, will probably not be large enough to allow players, coaches, refs, and spectators. So, until further notice, spectators of any kind will NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND ANY GAMES OR PRACTICES. Players, coaches, and referee’s only in the facilities. We understand this is not ideal and will not work for everyone but we have no option but to comply with this if we want to give our kids an opportunity to play during this time. There is zero tolerance for this restriction. Those who do not comply will get a warning first, and will be asked to leave the facility. If the problem continues, your son or daughter will also be removed from the facility. Parents will need to drop their kids off at the facilities and pick them up.

If you feel you can and want to comply with this requirement, please consider signing your child up to play. If you cannot comply with this requirement or do not agree, maybe this is not the year to sign your child up.

Additional measures will be taken such as designated entrances and exits to the facilities as well as temperature checks prior to entering facilities, but these are all still being worked through and we will update the community once we know more. In the meantime, it is important to get the registration process started because we are delayed in opening registration as it is.

Please do not wait to sign up.  Some Divisions fill up quickly. We will not accept registrations after November 9 without a late registration penalty of $25. We will not accept any registrations after November 15th.

You have roughly 4 weeks to sign up, which takes only a few minutes. Please do this as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

This year, like years in the past, we will offer the following divisions of play:


1st and 2nd grade (Instructional League)

3rd and 4th grade

5th and 6th grade

7th-9th grade


1st and 2nd grade (Instructional League)

3rd and 4th grade

5th grade

6th and 7th grade

8th and 9th grade

10th-12th grade


Please visit and click on the IM Basketball tab for information.  After completing registration, you will be offered the opportunity to add more player registrations, or sign up an adult as a volunteer and/or sponsor (see below).

VOLUNTEER - The importance of parent involvement cannot be overemphasized. Our organization is entirely dependent on your participation as volunteers.  We need coaches and assistants or co-coaches at every level before we can assemble teams.

The number of coaches can be a limiting factor for our program, so please sign-up for one of these positions.  It's a lot of fun and the sooner you start the better!

SPONSOR - Sponsorships allow your company (or family) the opportunity to show your support for the wonderful kids that play the game every weekend. In return, your company is advertised to the WRA community each game day. Your company's name will be printed on each shirt of the team of your choosing. Sponsor support is essential to help defray costs and keep the league affordable, too.

Please keep in mind: 

Practice Nights

When you register your child, you may select 1 night of the week (Monday-Friday) that your child is unavailable for practice.  We will make every effort to place your child on a team that does not practice on the night that you have indicated.  We understand that kids may be unavailable on several nights, however it is impossible to accommodate additional requests.

Dividing Divisions into Teams

WRA is committed to creating balanced teams in each Division.  We also want to provide for an opportunity for kids to make friends with other kids who may not be neighbors or friends in their school. For this reason, we do NOT take requests for kids to play for specific coaches or to be placed on teams with friends, so please don’t ask.  For the older divisions, we will use a draft format. For the instructional divisions, we will place kids on teams. We will only honor requests for siblings to be placed on the same team.

Instructional League (1st – 2nd grade):  

Last year we unveiled a new format which was very successful. We have taken it a step further and based on feedback we received over the course of last year, we have decided to separate boys and girls this year (provided registration numbers support this).

This 8-week program has been developed for 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls.  The focus is on developing basic basketball skills and having fun!

We will be offering both instructional time and game play during these sessions. The 90 minute sessions will occur every Saturday afternoon or on Sunday. The first ~30 minutes of the session will focus on skills, drills, and practice for each team. The next ~45 minutes after that will be game time (including 15 minutes of buffer time between sessions). Kids will be placed on teams of approximately 10 players and will play 8 “games” throughout the season. Since we will be having teams this year, we will also need coaches! Please sign up! This format was very successful last year and we received a lot of positive feedback. It’s a great experience for all players.

It should be noted that spectators will not be allowed to attend these sessions either. If you do not think your child will be comfortable playing without you being there, it may not be best to sign them up this year, unfortunately.

The Instructional League will start on Saturday, January 2nd and run every Saturday or Sunday for 8 weeks. The cost for this league is $90.

Intramural League: 

Because of current restrictions, player evaluations will NOT be conducted this year. Teams will be put together using a draft format in mid November, which the chair of intramural basketball will attend and regulate. Teams will start practicing in December.  Each team will practice one night during the week and play games on Saturdays. Games will start on January 2, 2021. The cost for this league is $110.




1st and 2nd (Boys and Girls)

TJ Mallozzi

Boys 3rd/4th

Mark Schwartz

Boys 5th

Pat Mullen

Boys 6th/7th

Chad Merriweather 

Boys 8th/9th

Mark McIlvaine

High School Boys

Open - Please Volunteer



Girls 3rd/4th

Sean Lonergan

Girls 5th/6th

Carmela Martin

Girls 7th-9th

Jen Acuna




We still need a commissioner for the boys High School division (10-12th Boys). It's imperative that we have someone step up. The division can not run without one. Anyone interested in volunteering please contact Pat Traver at  It would be very much appreciated.

REGISTRATION ENDS on November 9 (sooner if a Division reaches capacity). After that, there will be a $25 late fee, and possibly a waiting list should a Division reach capacity. We will also not be accepting any registrations after November 15th.

It’s worth noting and repeating 4 items:

  1. We are not taking requestsfor kids to play for specific coaches or to be placed on teams with friends.
  2. You may select 1 nightof the week (Monday-Friday) that your child is unavailablefor practice (not applicable to the instructional league)
  3. We will NOT be accepting any registrations after November 15th
  4. Spectators will NOT be allowed to attend any practices or games until further notice.


Thank you, 


Pat Traver

IM Basketball Chair