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Travel Soccer offers a more competitive environment than the Intramural Program.  We are looking for competitive and committed players from the area.  We are especially proud of our support for the multi-sport athlete that wishes to develop themselves to compete in HIgh School and beyond.  Many of our alumni go on to play for local public and private High Schools and some for colleges from D1 through D3 and even for the Philadelphia Union Youth Academy teams.

To join a team, players must first try-out and, if selected, are assigned to a team by age and skill.  We offer multiple teams for most age groups U9-U16.  Players who have been selected for a team through tryouts must be registered through both WRA and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer (EPYSA) to participate.  Registration lasts for a seasonal year (July through June) though WRA registration fees only cover team expenses for the fall season (i.e. EPYSA registration, referee fees, team equipment, field expenses and NOT tournament fees or supplemental training fees)

Travel teams compete in area leagues (ICSL, EDP, APL as examples) and are matched to their competitive level against neighboring club teams in the area.  Most away games are between 45-60 minutes from home.  Home games are played at Centre Square Park in Whitpain Township. 

Most teams also play in local tournaments as a supplement to league play.  Tournaments may start pre-season in the summer but most are arranged around Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend and the weekends just prior to Thanksgiving.  Decisions on whether to play and where to play are made by the coaches with input from the families.  As a result, fees associated with tournaments and/or any travel arrangements are established/managed by each team and are additive to the base registration cost per player.

Our teams are typically built with multi-sport athletes.  After the fall they typically participate in winter indoor and spring outdoor play at local facilities in addition to an in-season sport like basketeball, lacrosse, baseball/softball or field hockey.   We strongly encourage our first team at each age group, and generally encourage all teams, to continue to train/play in the offseason to ensure the players progress is typical of the most competitive teams at the age group.  Choices are team dependent and funded by the families that participate.  Should you be new to the area or wish to participate with the teams in the club after tryouts are held in the spring, please contact one of the below Committee members to discuss potential opportunities.

For additional Information, check out our FAQ and Travel Soccer Guideline documents. 

Should you have any questions about Travel Soccer, please contact one of the following volunteers on the Travel Soccer Committee 


Club Coordinator*                    Patrick Bailey -

Interim Boys Program Coordinator*     Brendan Hill -

Girls Program Coordinator*     JR Defeo - 

Player Development Director     Sean Treacy -

U8 Academy Coordinator           Paul Laub

Registration Coordinator            Chris Gaffney/Marisa Pigeon

Field Coordinator                      Matt Ferrie/Corey Shepard

Uniform Coordinator                  Julie Stein/Neha Mudalgikar

Equipment Coordinator              Eric Peterson

2021-2022 Tryout Calendar - 

  • All participants must have registered in the WRA system prior to the tryout
  • All tryouts will be held at Centre Square Park, Blue Bell, PA
  • Tryout times are posted below
  • Check-in for all players will start 15 minutes prior - please arrive in time to check-in and be ready to play
  • Players should have a ball, shinguards, appropriate footwear for the weather and plenty of water with them
  • All parents are asked to refrain from approaching the fields during the tryouts unless asked by a coach


Calendar for 2021-22 Tryouts

COVID19 Restrictions remain in place - all participants MUST wear masks

Raindate is weekend of 15May


U9 - Friday, 30Apr and Friday, 07May at 6:00 PM

U10 - Friday, 30Apr and Friday, 07May at 7:20 PM

U11 - Saturday, 01May at 9:20 AM and 08May at 8:00 AM

U12 - Saturday, 01May at 12:00 PM and 08May at 9:20 AM

U13 -Saturday, 01May at 2:40 PM and 08May at 10:40 PM

U14 - Saturday, 01May at 5:20 PM and 08May at 12:00 PM

U16 - Friday, 07May and 14May at 8:30PM

U15 and U17+ - Players will be contacted 


Age Cutoffs

Teams are formed from eligible players that attend the spring tryouts.  To determine what age group your child would participate with, please see the following age chart (reference US Soccer website below for more details).  Those players in the U15+ age groups should contact one of the Committee members above regarding participation.

 2021-22 Age Group Born in.... 2017-18 Age Group Born in....
U8 Academy 2014 U14 2008
U9 2013 U15 2007
U10 2012 U16 2006
U11 2011 U17 2005
U12 2010 U18 2004
U13 2009    


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