Instructional League Co-Ed Basketball

Updated Saturday October 21, 2017 by WRA Editor.

WRA Athlete, Parents and Guardians:

Registration for the 2017/2018 WRA Instructional and Intramural Basketball season is now open! Please do not wait to sign up.  Some Divisions fill up quickly. We will not accept registrations after November 11 without a late registration penalty of $25.

This year, like years in the past, we will offer the following divisions of play:


3rd and 4th grade

5th and 6th grade

7th-9th grade


3rd and 4th grade

5th grade

6th and 7th grade

8th and 9th grade

10th-12th grade

Please visit and click on the IM Basketball tab for information.  After completing registration, you will be offered the opportunity to add more player registrations, or sign up an adult as a volunteer and/or sponsor (see below).

VOLUNTEER - The importance of parent involvement cannot be overemphasized. Our organization is entirely dependent on your participation as volunteers.  We need coaches and assistants or co-coaches at every level before we can assemble teams.

The number of coaches can be a limiting factor for our program, so please sign-up for one of these positions.  It's great fun and the sooner you start the better!

SPONSOR - Sponsorships allow your company (or family) the opportunity to show your support for the wonderful kids that play the game every weekend. In return, your company is advertised to the WRA community each game day. Your company's name will be printed on each shirt of the team of your choosing. Sponsor support is essential to help defray costs and keep the league affordable, too.

Please keep in mind: 

Practice Nights

When you register your child, you may select 1 night of the week (Monday-Friday) that your child is unavailable for practice.  We will make every effort to place your child on a team that does not practice on the night that you have indicated.  We understand that kids may be unavailable on several nights, however it is impossible to accommodate additional requests.

Dividing Divisions into Teams

WRA is committed to creating balanced teams in each Division.  For this reason, we are not taking requests for kids to play for specific coaches or to be placed on teams with friends.  Some divisions may be divided using a draft while others may be divided solely based on evaluations.  We will only honor requests for siblings to be placed on the same team.

Instructional League:  This 8-week program has been developed for 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls.  The focus is on developing the kids' basic basketball skills and having fun!  The Instructional League will start on Saturday, January 6 and run every Saturday for 8 weeks.

Intramural League:  Evaluations will be conducted the week of November 13th and teams will start practicing in December.  Each team will practice one night during the week and play games on Saturdays. Games will start on January 6, 2018. 




Boys 3rd/4th

Pat Traver

Boys 5th

Brendan Flatow

Boys 6th/7th

Doug Dolfman

Boys 8th/9th

Michael Twersky

High School Boys

Drew Geisler




Girls 3rd/4th

Jen Acuna

Girls 5th/6th

Matt Brooks

Girls 7th-9th



There is still the Commissioner position open for Boys 3rd-4th grade and Girls 7-9th grade. Anyone interested, please contact Pat Walsh at

REGISTRATION ENDS on November 11 (sooner if a Division reaches capacity). After that, there will be a $25 late fee, and possibly a waiting list should a Division reach capacity.

Please email with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you, 


Pat Walsh

IM Basketball Chair