Intramural Baseball

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The Whitpain Recreation Association (WRA) offers organized baseball programs through Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball. 

The divisions are structured to foster sharpened fundamental skills, increase knowledge of the sport and most importantly, to have fun.  Our dedicated volunteers and experienced coaches help to facilitate programs for players 4 years and older; ranging from Quickball to American League. 

Baseball Divisions

QuickBall: (ages 4-5) Quickball is an ideal program for ballplayers just beginning to explore the games of baseball and softball.  This fast paced and developmental game was designed to replace t-ball with drills and skill development.  No longer will the kids be limited to 3 swings off a “T” each game and the hope of a single play in the field. Each child is given a bat and a ball to keep and take home with them to play in the yard!

QB is played each Saturday at Wentz Run Park.  Games last 1:15 minutes and begin between 9a and 1p.  

**Must be 4 by April 30th**

Rookie League (ages 5-6) A hybrid of skill development that introduces real bats, gloves and coach pitch action to go with the Quickball curriculum to improve basic fundamentals in a fun and active format. *5-year-olds need one year of QB.

Minor League: (ages 7-8) Makes use of coach and machine pitching to allow for more hittable balls at the plate and more action in the field.  It’s an ideal opportunity to improve fundamentals and build confidence leading up to player pitch baseball as the season progresses.  As the season progresses kid pitch will be gradually included.

National League: (ages 9-10) The first fully player pitch division. Players will continue to build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to better understand game strategy and teamwork.

American League: (ages 11-12)  As the ballplayers get bigger, so does the field. The pitching distance is 50 feet and the bases are 70 feet apart (compared with 46 and 60 feet, respectively, in the National League). Referred to as 50/70 play, this allows base runners to lead off, stealing is prominent, and pitchers work out of the stretch with runners on base.

Senior League: (ages 13+) Ball players compete in various local leagues such as Connie Mack and American Legion as well as hosting Sandlot games at Wentz Run Park on “The Big Field.”  

All ages are based on a May 1st cutoff.  Your son's age on April 30 will determine his baseball age for the Spring season.  To make it easy, our online registration system will automatically match your ballplayer with the proper division for his "baseball age."  

National & American League Evaluations 

Each registered player needs to attend one of the two February dates to be evaluated on hitting, throwing, fielding and pitching.  These are not tryouts.  The evaluations simply allow for the formation of balanced and competitive teams for the spring in-house season through a draft.    


Whitpain possesses one of the newest and most complete baseball complexes in the area with five fields, batting cages, bullpens, warm up areas, picnic areas and concessions. Games for all age groups are primarily played at Wentz Run Park (1000 Anvil Dr) and PECO Field (1120 North Wales Rd). 


Each player will be provided a uniform consisting of a jersey and team hat.  Starting in the Minor Leagues players should have their own bat, batting helmet, glove, and protective cup.  The league will provide bats to share when needed.  Cleats are optional but recommended.  Approved bats require a USA stamp on the handle.  


Opening Day is scheduled for April 9th.  Practices will begin as weather permits in March and the season will run until the second week of June.  

Quickball and Rookie games are played on Saturday mornings at Wentz Run Park starting April 9th and running until early June.  There are no additional weekday evening practices or scheduled events.

All other divisions will play or practice twice per week.  


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League Commissioners:

American League:  Eric Meisler - 

National League: Rich Lunsford -

Minors: Jim Viscanti -

Rookie League: Patrick Brett - 

QuickBall: Kyle Speece –

Baseball Chair: Brendan Flatow -