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WRA’s Spring Outdoor Field Hockey Program for is open to all girls and boys in grades 1 to 11 (non-varsity players). Log in now to register!  Registration usually fills up quickly, so please make sure you register early.  

Our developmental program provides a fun introduction to field hockey and gives players a chance to learn the fundamentals and rules of the game. Our coaching philosophy is to teach the game of field hockey in a fun environment and to work on child development in sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork and competition.

The WRA Field Hockey Program has been teaching the fundamentals of Field Hockey since 1996.


  • Sunday, March 7 Opening Day at Centre Square Park
  • Season runs March 7 to May 23 with tournaments at the end of the season
  • All practices and games held outdoors at Centre Square Park
  • Instructional Division (Grades 1 – 2)
  • Junior Division (Grades 3 – 4)
  • Intermediate Division (Grades 5- 6)
  • Senior Division (Grades 7 – 9 and non-varsity players in Grades 10 and 11

ATTENTION COACHES:   Click here to download the Coaching Manual.


  • Base Cost:  $90 for Whitpain Township residents
  • Add $10 ($100 total) for Wissahickon School District residents who do not live in Whitpain Township
  • Add $25 ($115 total) for non-Whitpain/non-WSD residents
  • Late fee $25 after the posted registration period
  • Registration fee includes a team shirt/pinnies and socks


Hockey stick, mouth guard, shin guards, and protective eyewear/goggles. Players in all age divisions will be required to wear NFHS approved goggles for outdoor field hockey.


The Spring Outdoor season has weeknight practices for the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior divisions. Practices are held one night a week from Monday through Thursday at Centre Square Park (located behind St. Helena's Church). There are no weeknight practices for the Instructional Outdoor Program.


The Spring Outdoor Program has Sunday afternoon practices for the Instructional Division from 11:30am – 12:45pm and games for Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions at the Centre Square Park on Sundays from approximately 11:30am - 5pm.  Times are subject to change depending on enrollment in order to optimize the use of our turf fields at Centre Square Park.


The start of each season will differ slightly each year based on weather and field availability. The Spring Outdoor season typically runs from the first week of March through the second week of May (Instructional), the third week of May for Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions. There are no games on Easter Sunday.  We typically play on Mother's Day and the season will end the weekend before Memorial Day weekend.



The Instructional program starts in 1st and 2nd grade and there are typically 6 to 8 teams depending on registrations. The players learn the fundamentals of field hockey, starting with how to hold the stick and moving on to dribbling and passing. There are a lot of fun situation games designed to give the players a feel for teamwork and by the end of the season we are playing full games. The Instructional program is a Sunday only program held at Centre Square Park from 11:30am to 12:45pm.  At the end of season, there is a round-robin Tournament where all participants receive medals. Protective eyewear is required for this division. 


Many players start playing field hockey in the WRA Program at the Junior level. There are typically 6 to 8 teams in this division. There is one practice a week and one game on Sunday. The field is scaled down to match the players size (35yds x 60yds) and they typically play 6 vs 6. The WRA FH coaching staff follows a consistent program for skills and teamwork development. The real focus for this division is skill development and to get the players to not just chase after the ball but to find teammates and pass. Winning is not stressed and scores are not recorded.  At the end of season there is a Tournament where the teams compete for medals. Protective eyewear is required for this division.


Building on fundamentals is the focus at this age.  There are typically 6 to 8 teams in this division.   There is one practice a week and one game on Sunday. The field is scaled down to match the players size (35yds x 60yds) and they typically play 6 vs 6. No record of scores is kept as it is still important to challenge the players to try new skills. These games are fun and exciting to watch as the players are gaining more control of the skills.  At the end of the season there is a Tournament where the teams compete for medals. Protective eyewear is required for this division.

SENIOR DIVISION (GRADES 7-11 [non-varsity]):

There is one practice a week and one game on Sunday. The senior division is typically made up of 6 to 8 teams. Games are played on a full-size field (50 yds x 100 yds) with 10 players on each side. WRA FH plays without goalies. Instead, the goal has a block placed on the goal line that is 36" wide and 18" high to add an obstacle to replicate a goalie. Rosters are made up of an even mix of 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders (only non-varsity 10th and 11th grade players).  This age mix creates a good learning environment for the younger players to develop their skills. The senior division keeps track of the win/loss records for the season, which determines seeding for the tournament. The season has 7 games and a Tournament at the end.  


Our organization is managed and coached by volunteers. Please register as a volunteer to coach or assistant coach. The program relies on volunteers and we are always in need of volunteers to coach our players!!  The more volunteers, the better the program runs. We will also provide coaching clinics based on need and interest.  Volunteer coaches are subject to the below requirements:


All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches age 18 or older must complete the online background check in accordance with the WRA policy described on the Background Screening page of the WRA Web site.  There is no fee for this service.  


All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches who are minors and/or students must, together with his/her parent/guardian, complete and submit to the appropriate Division Commissioner the Parent or Guardian Attestation for Minor/Student Volunteers.  If there is an issue that you need to disclose regarding your minor/student child, please contact Field Hockey Chairperson to discuss.  A decision will be made on an individual basis whether to allow a student to volunteer based on the nature of the infraction and/or the amount of time since the infraction occurred. 

Description of Responsibilities to be a Volunteer Coach: Notify Teams when you are assigned your team.  Coaches will have limited access to the player database and will be able to conduct team management from their personal WRAsports.org account. Work with opposing coach and Division Commissioner. For the Senior Division, both coaches should turn in scores to the commissioner by Sunday night. Communicate with your team regularly. Communicate with your commissioner when questions or issues arise. Attend one practice and/or one game each week for the season. Be a positive role model for your players and parents.  We’re here for the kids!


WRA trains high school students (MUST be in at least 9th grade) to officiate the Junior and Intermediate games and the Instructional Tournament games. 
You are required to attend the scheduled training session(s) and the scrimmage day in order to be placed on the active official’s roster.  There are two training sessions for first year officials and one for all returning officials.  The first training session will be announced and is usually held during the beginning of March.  The training session for all officials is held on the first Sunday practice date (usually the second Sunday in March).  The scrimmage is usually the third Sunday in March.

There are a limited number of spots and registration preference is given to those that officiated in the past. To register as an official, you must have or create an account with WRA, the option to register will appear if registration is still open.

The contact for the officials is Rich Fry, mrfry22@yahoo.com.


We appreciate your sponsorship at the team level or greater in order to subsidize our expenses for uniforms, equipment and turf maintenance.  The cost to sponsor a team is $250.00 and you can contact Lauri McCallum (mcpax2011@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

If you have any questions regarding the spring season, please feel free to reach out to Lauri McCallum (mcpax2011@gmail.com).