Boys & Girls Intramural Basketball

UpdatedThursday November 4, 2021 byWRA Basketball.

2021-2022 Hoops Season

Intramural Basketball Registration has been extended to November 10th. With interest high, many age divisions are full with waiting lists already activated.

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About Our Intramural Basketball Leagues

WRA offers fun and competitive intramural basketball play for boys (3rd–12th grade) and girls (3rd–9th grade). Player evaluations are conducted each November to keep teams properly balanced. Depending on the division, teams are assembled soley by evaluation or via a pre-season draft with coaches.

WRA basketball does not honor coach or friend requests, but will honor requests to place siblings on the same team. This is done to ensure proper team balancing, while also giving players an opportunity to make new friends from other schools!

Each team practices independently during the week (Mon-Fri) and play games on Saturdays.

Note: During registration, parents are asked to identify a night where their child is unavailable. Best efforts are made to ensure you child is placed on a team that does not practice on the night indicated. We understand that kids may be unavailable on several nights, however it is impossible to accommodate additional requests.

Games will start on January 8, 2022. Whitpain and non-Whitpain residents can register.


1st and 2nd Grade Instructional Program

In addition to intramural play, WRA offers an 8-week instructional program for 1st and 2nd graders, with separate boys and girls divisions. Each Saturday afternoon session includes 30 minutes of skills and drills followed by a game. Kids will be placed on teams of approximately 10-12 players.

Our Instructional League starts Saturday, January 8, 2022. Whitpain and non-Whitpain residents can register.


2021-22 Divisions and Commissioners

Click on a commissioner name below to send them an email.

Boys 1st and 2nd Grade (Instructional) Commissioner TJ Mallozzi
Boys 3rd and 4th Grade Commissioners Richard Lunsford and Chris Salvitti
Boys 5th Grade Commissioner Pat Mullen
Boys 6th and 7th Grade Commissioner Chad Merriweather
Boys 8th and 9th Grade Commissioner Mark Mcllvaine
Boys 10th through 12th Grade Commissioner Doug Dolfman
Girls 1st and 2nd Grade (Instructional) Commissioner TJ Mallozzi
Girls 3rd and 4th Grade Commissioner AJ Russo
Girls 5th and 6th Grade Commissioner Carmela Martin
Girls 7th through 9th Commissioner Jen Acuna


Pandemic Response and Protocols

As you are aware, we are still affected by the pandemic, and will need to comply with restrictions set forth by the CDC, State of Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, and the Wissahickon School District, who will graciously rent out their facilities to WRA so we have a place to play.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility, as these restrictions may be updated during the year as Covid-19 circumstances change. Currently, we anticipate the 2021-2022 season starting with the following restrictions:

  • Max capacity 25 for most gyms. This allows for players, coaches and referees.
  • NO SPECTATORS will be allowed to attend practices or games.
  • Parents/guardians will need to drop their kids off at the facilities and pick them up. Please only register your child to play if you can comply with this restriction. We recognize this is not ideal for many, and will update this policy if the situation changes.
  • Masks are required for coaches and referees at all times.
  • Masks are optional for players while on the court / in-game
  • Players who are not actively playing must wear a mask (i.e., seated on the bench, hallways, etc.).


Coaches Always Needed

The importance of parent involvement cannot be overemphasized, as our organization is entirely dependent on your participation as volunteers. Before each season, we need coaches and assistants or co-coaches at every level before we can assemble teams.


Be a Team Sponsor!

Sponsorships allow your company (or family) the opportunity to show your support for the wonderful kids that play the game every weekend. In return, your company is advertised to the WRA community each game day. Your company's name will be printed on each shirt of the team of your choosing. Sponsor support is essential to help defray costs and keep the league affordable, too.


Got a question? Shoot away!

Contact Susan Bishop, IM Basketball Chair, at