WRA Grievance Policy

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WRA Grievance Policy  (Full Copy Attached)

The Whitpain Recreation Association (WRA) includes children, parents, coaches and other individuals who serve the association and participate primarily on a volunteer basis. The WRA Board strongly encourages the resolution of grievances and conflicts at the team or sport level or lowest level whenever possible, remembering that WRA is generally staffed with volunteers who are committed to providing the best experience possible for the players. However, the Board recognizes that certain situations may not be satisfactorily resolved at the team or sport level or lowest level possible requiring intervention at a higher level within the organization. Consequently, the following outlines WRA’s policy and procedure relating to the resolution of a grievance.

Description of Grievance
All grievances must be made in writing. Grievances may include an incident during a WRA event, or behavior by a player, coach, or parent associated with a WRA event or related activity that is inconsistent with the WRA Codes of Conduct or sport guidelines. The Board notes that many questions related specifically to decisions around coaching philosophy, coaching decisions, and coaching style most often can be answered by speaking directly with the volunteer head coach before filing a written formal grievance.

Standing to Bring a Grievance
In order to file a grievance a person must be:
1. A WRA Playing Member as defined Section 201 of the By-laws of the Corporation
2. A Voting Member as defined in section 201 of the By-Laws of the Corporation and who can demonstrate that the alleged Code of Conduct or sport guideline violation has or had an adverse impact on them.

Grievances Procedure - Steps must be followed*

1. First, player (or his parent/guardian) communicates with the head coach
2. Second, If not resolved at step 1, player elevates grievance to Boys or Girls Coordinator (Travel) or Commissioner (IM)
3. Third, If not resolved at step 2, player elevates grievance to the Sports Chairperson
4. Fourth, If not resolved at step 3, player elevates grievance to the WRA VP of Operations
5. Fifth, VP of Operations presents the grievance to Executive Board of WRA
6. Executive Board determines by majority vote if notification pursuant to Section 204 of the By-Laws of the Corporation is to be taken
7. Disciplinary action determination is made pursuant to Section 203 of the By- Laws of the Corporation.

* if a grievance is made by a Voting Member other than a Player or his parent/guardian (i.e., Coach, Referee or other
meeting standing criteria), the grievance starts at the Step 2 above and bypasses the head coach.

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